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Total Care Pharmacy FREE Home / Office Delivery


Total Care Pharmacy offers FREE home / office delivery services and a Care Transition Program. We offer medication management solutions with personalized pharmacist consultation. Home delivery is a convenient way to order medications and have them shipped or delivered directly to your home or office. Our pharmacists will answer questions on dosing, drug interactions, side effects, and insurance coverage. This service is most commonly used for those using maintenance medications – arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.





Clinical Expertise Direct to Your Home / Office

  • Free customized delivery options
  • Pickup from our retail store
  • UPS/FedEx home/office delivery
  • Delivery to home care office
  • New prescriptions delivered within 2-5 days
  • Pharmacy phone contact upon receipt
  • Pharmacy provides ongoing support to improve outcomes
  • Refills can be delivered automatically

Many insurance plans allow reduced co-pays when ordering a 90-day supply for home/office delivery. When talking with your physician, ask for a 90-day supply with the appropriate number of refills. You may also want to see if there are generic options as well.