Too Many Pills to keep track of? Uncomfortable with mail order?

Tired of spending your day running from doctors to pharmacies and back?

In continuing our mission of encouraging home based care for independent seniors and avoiding the dangers of mail order, Bouvier Pharmacy is proud to offer our Medicine Management Program. It is a program for any of seniors that may have difficulty with elaborate medication regimens or for family members wishing to simplify managing your loved one’s prescription supply. It is much more than just a packaging system; it is a service that provides seniors with around-the-clock, personalized medication administration assistance, delivered free to your door.


  • Monthly Medication delivered directly to your home. Your choice of Medicine-On-Time custom packaging or bottle filled.
  • Same-day delivery of any “emergency medications” (antibiotics, pain medications, etc.)
  • Packaging and delivery of all “as needed” (PRN) or “bulk” (liquid, eye drops, inhalers, insulin, etc.) within 1 business day of request.
  • Automatic repackaging & delivery of all medications whenever a doctor changes the regimen (new medications, discontinued medications, dose changes). We will advise you on disposal of discontinued medicines to eliminate possible misdose.
  • Pharmacy personnel will automatically contact the doctor if any refills are needed, and contact the resident or caregiver with any pertinent information concerning medication changes or refills.
  • At resident or caregiver’s request, medication administration logs or comprehensive medication lists for File for Life will be provided as well.
  • Automatic billing to a credit card on file of customary co-pays at the beginning of the month. (an MOT fee of $10 will apply if custom medicine cards are requested)

To get started, or if you have questions please do not hesitate
to call us at 508-485-0432!